Our Newest Product: The Cannary Pouch Combo

We’re in the final stages of production of a couple of products that we’re very excited about: The Cannary Pouch and Lid’l Pipe. Last fall when Finch and his wife were packing for a trip and wanted to take along something to smoke, they realized they had nothing to carry it in except an old paper sack. So we designed a handsome leather pouch with separate pockets for a pipe and our stash. Then we realized that, unless the pipe is empty when placed in the pouch, ash and/or herb is going to fall out in transit. So we imagined a pipe with a swinging lid that is held closed with a magnet. And to make it a thing of beauty, we designed it in maple and exotic black Wenge wood with the proprietary Cedar & Finch paisley pattern laser engraved on top.

Below are some photos of the pouches in production. The pouches are now finished and we’ll assembling the pipes over the next few weeks. Send us your email and we’ll let you know when they are ready! See more photos here.